Site Update

CarQuery stats are now available. You can see live counts of numbers of makes, unique models, and total year / make / model /trim records in the sidebar display. Now it’s easy to see track the growth of the CarQuery database. [Read More]

API Version 0.2 Released

API Version 0.2 has now been released. New features include display of bore and stroke measurements, and the ability to filter dependent selects to show US Models only. New filtering options are already being implemented and will be released shortly. Please see the Documentation Section [Read More]

Data Update

2012 US MODELS NOW AVAILABLE! 1000+ new models (mostly 2012 US models). Many data fixes and additions. International models should be available by the end of November. [Read More]

Data Update

New field (model_sold_in_us) to indicate models that were sold in the United States. 600+ new models, mostly 1980s – 2000s American cars. Hundreds of data fixes. [Read More]

API Update

Update CarQuery javascript object to fix a styling issue in Firefox. The list view contents were overflowing and not scrolling. [Read More]

Data Update

1500+ new models (mostly 2010 – 2011 international models). 100s of data fixes and additions to existing models. 2 new makes (Pagani, Koenigsegg). [Read More]