General Information

CarQuery is an extensive automobile data API. Vehicle information is made available through a RESTful API interface, for easy access by any web service. CarQuery includes a javascript class that can be inserted into your web site to make utilizing the API as easy as inserting a few lines of javascript to your page, with minimal HTML markup. Please see the Documentation and Demo pages for more information.

Usage and Benefits

You can use CarQuery in an application as simple as letting your users select a particular make and model of vehicle, or apply it to more intensive uses by utilizing the extensive model information that is available, all without having to maintain an unwieldy database of vehicle information. Better still, you don’t have to worry about keeping the data up to date! The CarQuery database will be updated regularly with new data.


CarQuery is still under development, with new features in the works. Currently the API is somewhat limited, but new functionality is planned for future release. Accuracy of the data provided through the API cannot be guaranteed, but it is actively being expanded and updated. Please read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing.